AIEW Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 18

AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 CHANNEL SAFETY SYSTEMS Razor LED Exit Sign Product Code Description E/RZ/M3/LED/H 3 hour maintained - hanging E/RZ/M3/LED/R 3 hour maintained - hanging recessed E/RZ/M3/LED/F 3 hour maintained - flush recessed mounted E/RZ/M3/LED/W 3 hour maintained & non-maintained - wall/ceiling fitted complete with legend pack Alpine LED Exit Sign Now with an optional Remote Control unit for Testing The LED Exit Sign from Alpine utilises LED technology for low-cost, high output, emergency illumination. The optional remote control dramatically offers significant savings on installation & maintenance costs by simplifying testing. The remote control unit is common to both our Alpine exit sign and Meteor Maxi. • The Alpine fitting offers low running cost (1.9W LED equivalent to 8W fluorescent) • 27x 0.07W LEDs Long life LED technology • Lightweight & easy to install • Maintained or non-maintained 3 hour emergency backup • Prismatic diffuser on underside to illuminate door exit • Polycarbonate construction — available in a white • Additional pictograms available to fit in with your existing scheme. Fitting comes complete with Arrow Up • Meets BS EN 60598-2-22 and other relevant standards Product Codes Description E/AL/M3/LED Alpine LED exit sign (comes c/w Arrow Up legend) E/EM/RC Remote Control for Alpine and Meteor Maxi E/PIC/AL/AD Arrow down for Alpine fitting E/PIC/AL/AU Arrow Up for Alpine fitting E/PIC/AL/AL Arrow Left for Alpine fitting E/PIC/AL/AR Arrow Right for Alpine fitting Meteor Maxi LED Emergency Bulkhead Product Code Description E/MM/M3/LED Meteor Maxi maintained c/w Legend Pack & RC Function E/EM/RC Remote Control for Alpine and Meteor Maxi E/BEZ/MM Semi Flushing Bezel The ultra slim-line LED Exit Sign range from Razor™ offers hanging, recessed, flush mounted and wall/ceiling mounted versions. Comes complete with universal legend pack (arrows left/right, up and down) • Long life LED technology • Maintained or non-maintained operation • Can be ceiling or wall mounted • Cable entry: top, front, back & side • Sleek & minimalistic design • Blade Size (L x H x D) 300 x 170 x 9mm • Massively simplifies testing by saving time on maintenance and any inconvenience related to manual testing. • Allows testing without disruption to lighting or high traffic areas compared to manual testing where equipment maybe required. • Virtually maintenance free • Provides easy confirmation of pass and fail status • Long life LED technology • Deep Back box to allow 20mm conduit entry • Maintained / Non-maintained operation • Can be ceiling or wall mounted • Comes with Pictogram Pack • Sleek and minimalistic design • Optically enhanced diffuser • Polycarbonate construction • Lightweight and easy to install • NiCd battery • Semi-recessing kit available • Low environmental impact & running costs • Meets BS EN 60598-1:2008 and other relevant standards • 124 lm emergency output • Optional remote control for timed testing • Light will test for two preset periods. No need to remove/restore power. Unit indicates Pass/Fail Now with an optional Remote Control unit for Testing The Meteor Maxi LED IP65 Bulkhead is weatherproof rated and suitable for both internal and external environments. This fitting is designed to provide high light output in the event of an emergency and comes with an optional Remote Control facility to significantly reduce testing and maintenance costs. • Universal remote control can be used on multiple units • Remote control allows simply testing for monthly flash test as well as the full 3 hour annual test, removing the requirement for a wired test switch. • Should a fault be detected during the test, the user is alerted by a pulsing red LED. No need to rush around at the end of the test period. Remote Control E/EM/RC